What are YOUR options?

2018 Open Enrollment is closed. However, if you have a 'Qualifying Event', you may be eligible to enroll throughout the year. There are two options for applying for an Individual & Family plan in the State of Washington: directly with a Carrier, or through the state Exchange (WAHealthPlanFinder.org). Kaiser is the only Carrier with which you may enroll directly. To do so, click on the Kaiser logo at the bottom of this page. Otherwise, request our assistance through the WAHealthPlanFinder under 'Manage my Broker'.

Either way, we can work for you, as your broker, at no cost to you.


Use the Subsidy Calculator to the right as a starting point to help determine whether you may be eligible for a subsidy/tax credit.  If you would like help on the Exchange, through www.wahealthplanfinder.org, it's helpful if you create an account, select us as your broker, then give us a call.

do you want to purchase a plan outside the Exchange?

Currently, your option for purchasing an individual/family plan outside the 'Exchange/HealthPlanFinder' is limited to Kaiser Permanente. To enroll directly with Kaiser, click on the link or Kiaiser logo below. We also offer individual/family dental, vision & short-term medical plans as follow:

Kaiser Permanente (Medical): www.KP.org/Wa

Delta (Dental): www.DeltaDentalCoversMe.com

VSP (Vision): www.VSP.com

Smart Smile: www.DentalHealthServices.com

Geo Blue (Travel Insurance): www.GeoBlueTravelInsurance.com

LifeMap (Short-Term Medical): www.LifeMapCo.com

What may be a QUALIFYING EVENT for enrolling outside open enrollment?

  • Loss of group coverage
  • 26th birthday
  • Divorce or Marriage
  • Some permanent moves
  • Birth or adoption
  • Expiration of COBRA

don't have a qualifying event? NEED A SHORT-TERM MEDICAL PLAN?

If you need coverage outside the Open Enrollment window, we can assist you with purchasing an affordable plan to carry you through to the next Open Enrollment opportunity.

These plans are a short-term solution, and can be purchased in 30-90 day increments. These are NOT qualified medical plans, so enrollees will be subject to the tax penalty at year end.       

Looking for insurance for yourself or your family?

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